Google Analytics Influences Your Rankings in Google Search Results?

by Adminator on 2010/07/16

A lot of people ask me this question:

“If I put Google Analytics on my site, will that have an impact on my rankings in the Google search results?”

The main concern usually is something like: if people are on my site for just a short time and then leave the page again, that’s a “low quality” indication (basically meaning that people did not find what they were looking for and looked elsewhere). Google could use this data to determine: `This site is not relevant for that search phrase, so we’re going lower it’s ranking and put a site up there where the average on-site time is longer for that search term’.

Matt Cuts, the Google man himself, recently said that this is not the case. Google doesn’t do that, and when you install Google Analytics on your sites, it won’t have any effect on your rankings.

If you don’t believe me, believe Matt:

If you think about it, Google doesn’t actually even NEED to calculate your personal Google Analytics data in. Because if someone searches for something on Google, lands on your page, doesn’t find what he wants and then clicks the back button, their own Analytics of the Google search engine shows that that particular user returned to the search page just shortly after visiting your site. Now I am quiet sure that Google does use THIS kind of data to determine how “good” your site is. But there is nothing you can do about that anyway, whether you install Google Analytics on your own site or not, Google has this data.

The best way to avoid having to worry about this kind of stuff is really by offering your visitors something of value. If you give your visitors a good web experience, they will stay longer, they will tell their friends, they will bookmark your pages, and so on – and all of that will translate into more visitors.

And what’s more: they will be happy visitors. Visitors that like your sites and the value that it offers them. And guess what? If somebody likes what you do, it will be a lot easier to monetize that too.

So it’s good for you and good for other people.

I feel that a lot of people who do search engine marketing get too much into the details, and they get really lost in the details. They don’t see the big picture. If you do SEO, then you’re doing it as a business. And business is not about getting more visitors. Business is about creating something of value and offering it to others, in exchange for money. If the value that you provide is big enough, then you’ll get a lot of money. SEO is only a way to bring the value you provide to the people, so that they know about it and can find it. But if you don’t offer the value, then essentially what you are doing is spamming, and you don’t want to be a spammer, even if it’s not a spammer in the strict meaning of the word. Be a value provider first, and a “traffic getter” second.

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