SEO Best Practices Wil Reynolds teaches which SEO practices are no longer used before explaining best SEO practices.

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25 thoughts on “SEO Best Practices

  1. I would agree that its not a ranking factor, however…

    W3C standards are honored by browsers, and spiders alike. I am no expert, but if you have two documents, one has proper structure, while another doesn’t, I would rather parse the document with proper structure.

    Its like a compiler for HTML. Many users are often unaware of their HTML flaws. W3C helps eliminate potential problems like invalid characters, closing/opening tags, attributes, and much more.

  2. I wouldn’t trust much of what Matt Cutts says anymore. Just like the US military, disinformation is a primary strategy. Some of his recent discussions are shaky at best.

    Certainly good architecture plays a ranking factor and can’t understand why this is still being disputed?

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  5. Do not trust many competitors regarding SEO (including Mr Cutts) that make any claim, “this is the way to do it”, why would they tell you? They would not if they truly treasured their own information.
    They would not get rich by spilling the “truthful” beans at every opportunity would they.

  6. @lorenzite As cynical as it sounds, I agree with you. With Google’s absolute and swift comfortability with sandboxing sites that transgress its SEO rules it makes me wary of what Cutts has to say. Though many of his vids I have found to be very inforamtive and helpful.

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  11. alt tags (These are a must, for users with poor eyesight)

  12. Search Engines no longer want people to submit their websites. Although it does require you to add xml sitemaps and whole lot of other things.

  13. its really good


  14. I agree most of the things, but one thing you didn’t mentioned about W3Validation, would like to hear about that

  15. I agree most of the things, but one thing you didn’t mentioned about W3Validation, would like to hear about that

  16. This information is of great value and I personally appreciate having visited his site to get it. Thanks.


  17. You still need to include all that, but no, it’s not the most important thing. But it does count.

  18. This guy talks about if you have a website that is good enough and has traffic going to it, not to submit it because the search engines are smart enough to find it on their own? The whole point of SEO is to drive traffic, no?

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