Stop The SEO Madness!

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25 thoughts on “Stop The SEO Madness!

  1. @UXMagic …lol but your on here listening to other on a lame business…lol its a 6 figure business per year on min. work. Goodluck to you…lol

  2. Build your sites for humans to read LoL I chuckled at that.

  3. Maybe, but for now there are still gazillions of searches happening for what you sell…right?

  4. The algorithm is starting to be about the bounce rate, backlinks (very few actually even count now), on-page, and fresh content.
    The age, working links, spelling, meta tags are needed but not to be stressed over –
    Does the Yahoo directory help anymore – Pay Yahoo 300 bucks to find out huh?

  5. You should worry about all that stuff. Looking at your office, after 7 years, your still no e-millionair ;p

  6. Realmente se necesitan de buenas practicas de desarrollo web para lograr posicionar una web.

  7. Great video Lisa, it is always a pleasure watching your videos. You are great contributor to the internet .


  8. I find most of what you say very honest and true. I have been doing this for 5 years and a lot of SEO crap can leave you feeling frustrated.

  9. @c14h20o4
    I like the information she provides and the video was helpful to me. I didn’t click to the Site Build link. In addition, a lot of companies provide “free” information, then once they build loyalty we as consumers reward them with our business. I may not need her services now but maybe one day I will. I will remember her because of the info she provided me for free in this video. I think with everything now a days you take what you need from it positively and then move forward.

  10. It is interesting to talk to people who are new to the SEO game. There tends to be a lot of stressing out trying to learn every last trick. This video has some great advice to just focus on the essentials. First and foremost, spend your energy creating a great website with great content.

  11. can i ask a question lisa, if i’m making a page but i used someoen’s template and they require a link to them in the footer, say i do all this seo and get my page ranked, am i shooting myself in the foot with that link to them?

    I can make that same template myself, it just was so easy to arrange the stuff and pop it out.

  12. @shakaama I don’t think that one link is going to impact your rankings much. You can also make it nofollow then you don’t have to worry about it. Google “nofollow” to find the code for this.

  13. @lisa3876 wow you are so smart. and thanks for the super fast response.

  14. You are so right. Meta tags are sooo important, and often overlooked. team72k

  15. Hi Lisa. Do you work for Google or what. Webmasters very rarely just link to other sites because they know a link has a value. The big sites that rank high on search engines did not get to top of search engine results for their chosen keywords as a result of the generosity of others. Google wants to push the notion of quality content and the idea of links being a vote for a site because Google wants a constant stream of free content to give to its users.

  16. Thank god for this. So sick of the “magical” formula – I get a lot of this with regard to video SEO… It is a set of best practices. Not and Instant formula… Good job

  17. So, if I follow the step by step instructions in the free SEO Webinar at marketingstrategiestoday-dot-com will i have the success your talking about? The info sounds good, but I don’t want to get started incorrectly.

  18. Hi Lisa, I’m trying to get into digital marketing and need to take a course in SEO and SEM. I’m worried it may involve too much IT I’m not savvy in the field. I know enough to build and design websites. I’m hoping to earn a qualification with would get me into a digital marketing role. Is SEO too technical for beginners?

  19. I think what really matters in the Local Business field , is that you have a lot of traffic going to the site and maybe worry about ranking later . Focus on the costumer. the rest will follow. Key words aren’t really the capital in what I do as long as I flow traffic to the costumers site . Thanks Good Video !

  20. i have a question that needs to answered(PLZ help) .i made a click bank account and i started to promote a link.i made a video with the link i am trying to most people say that on clickbank you work for one day and money starts to flow “in”.now i don’t know how to get my link on the search engines.i don’t have a website nor a blog or much of any type of internet influence.i am underage thought i understood how click bank works but now i am quickly becoming confused.

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